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Course Image  Introductory Computer - CPTR100 - Early Scholar 2018

This course seeks to develop within each student a fundamental understanding of and an appreciation of the various aspects of computer usage and support technology. These aspects include usage of application software, operating systems,  the Internet,  development concepts, and ethics. The practical  aspect of course covers word processing, spreadsheet, presentations and operating system software fundamentals.

Course Image Introduction to Psychology_PSYC 101_Early Scholar 2018

This course provides an overview of the main concepts, theories and empirical findings in the field of psychology. Key goals for this course are for students to develop a general understanding and appreciation for psychology as a field of science and increase their awareness of psychological concepts as they apply in daily living. 

Course Image Communication Skills_COMM104_Early Scholar 2018

Communication Skills is an introduction to the study of the human communication process, which provides opportunities to analyse various influences on communication behaviour, to survey foundation concepts, and to evaluate techniques for effective interpersonal, small group, and public speaking experiences.

Course Image English Composition I_ENGL 125_Early Scholar 2018

This course explores the basics of essay construction, from sentence to paragraph, focusing on expository methods.
- Students must know the basics of grammar while engaging with course content.
- This is a blended course and will be conducted in both a face-to-face and online environment. This means that students must avail themselves of computer and internet access. Basic computer literacy, especially in the use of Microsoft Word, is obligatory.

Course Image West Indian History_HIST 147_Early Scholar 2018

This course is a survey study of the historical processes that have contributed to the moulding of the Caribbean from earliest times into its present-day form. This course is designed to provide an interpretative framework for the study of Caribbean history. Bearing in mind the amount of time and space to be covered, the class will focus on major historical periods, general themes, and the most significant people and events.